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The Executive Committee of the Albany Students' Association is a group of elected students on campus to represent YOU.

The Executive advocate for student welfare and quality education throughout the campus community to make sure you have the very best time at Uni.

The term of office is from 1st December - 30th November. 

Elections are held annually in the second semester for the next year.


All internal student members of the Association are invited to attend part one of the Executive Committee meetings. 

Put "Executive Committee" into the search bar on our events calendar to get the details of the next meeting.


Next Executive Committee Meeting


Meet the current team!


Meet The Team


Dallin Niuelua

[email protected]

09 213 6072

I am in my second year of study currently working towards a Bachelor of Business, double majoring in both Marketing and Management. I am of Samoan and Pakeha descent, passionate about music, food, sport, food and am quite the social butterfly. 

As ASA President, my goals are:

  • to make students aware of the services available to them
  • to be a strong advocate and student voice for the student populous
  • to help foster an engaging culture on campus. 

These objectives will be at the core of every decision that we will make as an executive board.

Please say a big HEY if you see me and I look froward to working both WITH you and FOR  you!


Becca Pezic

[email protected]

09 213 6072

I’m a third-year student doing a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resources and Management.

As Vice President, I will ensure you get the best university experience possible. I want to increase involvement in the events and activities on campus,so if you have any ideas on how we can do better let us know!

In this role, I will be working closely with the President and the rest of the executive team to guarantee that the wants and needs of the students are heard. I will also be keeping the executive team informed, managing the budget, attending meetings and updating policies.

As ASA's Vice-President, I want to help make your university years among the best years of your life. 


Education Executive

Sophie Stone

[email protected]

09 213 6072

I'm a third year Communication student.

My vision for 2020 will be to address student issues which impact on education, not only academic concerns but also welfare. I want to work with the ASA to examine areas like student satisfaction with course content, teaching, and ease of technological resources (like Stream!).

One aspect of this will be looking into how the Class Advocate program can be strengthened so that advocates are equipped and prompted to take action for the benefit of classmates. I also want to find out how students suffering with welfare issues can best be supported in their studies here, as this has a huge impact on student wellbeing, in addition to attendance and academic performance.


Engagement Executive

Jennifer Zhou

[email protected]

09 213 6072

I’m studying a Bachelor of Science, Ecology major.

As Clubs & Engagement, I have the job of supporting our various clubs and societies and work closely with my fellow execs, the Clubs' and Activites Co-ordinator and the Campus Culture Coordinator to brighten up your time at Massey. Yes, we have to study hard, but don’t forget to play hard.

As a previous ASA volunteer, I can’t recommend enough that you sign up and join in the fun, gaining valuable experience along the way.

If you want a lively engaging campus, please get in touch.


Academic Representative

Daniel Forster

[email protected]

09 213 6072

I am an enthusiastic second year Engineering student with a passion for learning.

I consider myself approachable and friendly, so if you see me around campus, feel free to have a chat.

As your Academic Representative I will cultivate an engaging learning environment, by ensuring that academic services are available, easy to access and beneficial to all students. 

I will work closely with the class advocate system to guarantee that every course has a student voice that is both respected and taken seriously.

I look forward to working with you all.


Welfare Representative

Amber Anderson

[email protected]

09 213 6072

I am in my final year of study towards a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Marketing Communication and minoring in Linguistics. 

As your Welfare Representative, I hope to be an approachable and reliable face on campus (and online) that you can be certain will ensure students' voices are heard. I plan to approach the role with a comprehensive view of student welfare - ensuring every aspect of Massey Albany student life is as fulfilling and positive as possible. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me - I look forward to chatting with you about how we can improve student wellbeing. 

Social Representative

Muskaan Devta

 [email protected]

09 213 6072

I'm in my final year of BA psychology at Massey, which has been a second home for the last three years.

I know how challenging uni can be, but I love making memories, and my vision for 2020 will be to provide a vibrant engaging campus that will result in lots of memories - because we all love fun, don't we!

I’ll be bringing more frequent, and diverse events onto campus – so give me your suggestions so that the team can help realise them.

I would like to emphasise the idea of student surveys and suggestions more, because I want to know how cool you want your campus to be, and I wanna pull it off! Whatever we do, you've gotta have the best of it! So, help me be your voice and let's make some memories! 

Cultural Representative

Sean Ching Ngee Sheng

[email protected]

09 213 6072

I am in my final year of Bachelor of Science, Psychology and I am from the beautiful multicultural country of Malaysia.

I enjoy dancing, reading novels, binge watching tv series and movies online and catching up on pop culture especially K-pop and superhero movies from Marvel and DC aye!

I want to assist ASA to bring more interactive and inclusive cultural events to the Albany campus and possibly add more ‘colour’ into our university lives. :D

Stay open minded and have a great year ahead!

Can’t wait to see you all at ASA events!


Executive Team, Here For You