The Executive Committee of the Albany Students' Association is a group of elected students on campus to represent YOU.

The Executive advocate for student welfare and quality education throughout the campus community to make sure you have the very best time at Uni.

The term of office is from 1st December - 30th November. 

Elections for the next year are held annually in the second semester for the next year.



All internal student members of the Association are invited to attend part one of the Executive Committee meetings. 

Put "Exec" into the search bar on our events calendar to get the details of the next meeting.


Next Executive Committee Meeting


Meet the current team!


Meet The Team


Jake Law

[email protected]

09 213 6072

Kia Ora, my name is Jake and I am the president of the ASA Executive Committee.

I am studying social policy, and am passionate about advocacy and representation. 

We want our campus to be inclusive, accessible, and representative of student needs, so I hope more students will sign up and get involved with the ASA. 

The ASA has great potential to promote student engagement and bring energy back to our campus.

I'm here to help so please get in touch anytime. I look forward to meeting you!


Marizaan Zwart

[email protected]

09 213 6072

Hello! My name is Marizaan Zwart and I have the pleasure to be your ASA Vice President for 2022. I am a second-year Business student with a double major in management and financial planning.

My vision for 2022 is to create a space for students to have a strong voice and to feel more connected to the decisions that are being made around campus. I want to show our Albany students all the amazing opportunities that are on offer at Massey. I am here to support you in any way that I can, so get in contact with me anytime.


Education Officer

Tristan Ferguson

[email protected]

09 213 6072

Hello! My name is Tristan and I’ll be your new ASA Education Officer for 2022. I am a third-year student completing a BSc majoring in Computer Science. Prior to moving up to Auckland, I had been studying via correspondence and working as a volunteer fire fighter. 

I hope that with this role I can help to enhance all students study experience and promote student advocacy in education. Through being in this role I hope that my peers and I can grow and excel in our studies and all other aspects of life while at Massey, promoting excellence and positivity during our time here. 

Please feel free to come and say hello if you see me around, and if you have any concerns or feedback, please let me know! 


Engagement Officer

Michaela Futter

[email protected]

09 213 6072

Kia Orana, my name is Michaela and I am the new Engagement Officer of the ASA Executive Committee.

Many of you may know me from my previous work with the ASA. My passion for students needs couldn't be contained in one year of working for the ASA and students like yourself.

I am in my final year of BSc nutrition and psychology, hoping to go onto post-graduate studies.

I am passionate about student representation and engagement. The ASA wants students to enjoy their tertiary education experience to the fullest degree. We want to represent student needs, but we need your knowledge and experience to guide us!

So go on, sign up to the ASA, get involved, and make the most of your time at uni.

Welfare Officer

Angelo Fray

[email protected]

09 213 6072

Hello, my name is Angelo Fray and I'm very glad to say that I am the Welfare Officer for ASA 2022. This will mark my second year at Massey, studying for a BA in English.

My main goal for this year is to help my fellow students in every way I can, making sure that everyone has what they need for the journey of Uni.

Studying here at Massey can take a chunk of our time, so I'd like to make sure we can all enjoy this experience to its fullest. 

Executive Team, Here For You