Why Stand?

  • Students have a voice
  • Important issues get addressed
  • Academic standards are maintained


Result of Education Officer By-Election 

Nominations received: 

  • Vivi Wang

Vivi will be appointed to the role without a vote taking place unless a petition from 10 students is received by Tuesday 25th May, calling for a vote to take place. 


Education Officer Role

The Education Officer promotes excellence in education at Massey Auckland by championing the class advocates programme, working alongside education services, and providing feedback to national educational boards.

Students considering this position will need to commit to a minimum of 8 hours a week for their term of office on Association related activity including negotiated regular office hours. 

An honorarium of up to $3,500 gross is associated with this position. (This is the pro-rated amount for the balance of the term of office).  A full role description is below. 

"I've loved having the opportunity to advocate for students on all education related issues, gathering and providing student feedback to the boards I sit on and in response to Massey's proposed changes. Being able to ensure that student voice is heard, and to influence both changes within Massey and the ASA, is so rewarding. I've learned so much about governance in this unique role and have also really enjoyed meeting a range of people, from those working in other associations, the staff in Massey's own services such as the Teaching and Learning and the Chaplaincy Centres, and of course other students!", 2020 Education Executive, Sophie Stone



  • Nominations open: 10th May 2021 9am
  • Nominations close: 14th May 2021 4pm
  • Campaign Meeting: 17th May 2021 - time to be confirmed
  • Candidates must attend the ASA AGM 19th May 12pm
  • If required, an election will be held between 24th and 28th May


Forms & Policy




Each nominee must complete a nomination form, see above, and is required to obtain the support of at least 5 ASA members who have signed up for membership on the ASA website.  

Students may sign up in order to nominate a candidate.

We recommend that you get all lines on the nomination form filled up just incase 1 of your supporters has not signed up for membership. 

Both you and the students nominating you must be current Massey Albany internal students and ASA members.  

If you do not have 5 ASA members nominating you, your nomination is invalid.

Students cannot vote for you unless they have signed up as members to the ASA.


Campaign Materials and Meeting

If the role is contested an election will be held and all candidates will be required to attend a compulsory Campaign Meeting before commencement of campaigning.    

Each candidate is asked to supply a head and shoulders photograph of themselves.  Please ask someone else to take the photograph, don't provide a selfie!

Photo should be hi-res, portrait and with good lighting!

Each candidate should submit a blurb of not more than 150 words which will be published on the Association website. 

Candidates may spend no more than $115 on their campaign and must provide a record of all expenditure to the Returning Officer, if requested to do so. 

All candidates must attend the Association Annual General Meeting on 19th May in the student lounge - midday.



As per the ASA Constitution, Schedule 2 4.7 an election will only be held if the position is contested. 

All currently enrolled, Albany Internal students are eligible to vote but to do so need to sign up as members of the Association on the ASA website.

Voting will be online through the ASA Website.  

Members will need to sign in to vote.


Returning Officer

The returning officer for the ASA Elections is Rohini Subbian [email protected]