These are the students standing for election to the 2020 ASA Executive Committee





Meet The Candidates

Dallin Niuelua

ASA President

My name is Dallin and I am a first year BBus student majoring in both Marketing and Management. I am of Pacific and European descent, passionate about music and sport and love meeting new people.

I decided to run for President for two main reasons: to be a strong advocate and a voice for the student populous and to help foster a more engaging culture on campus. These two objectives will be at the core of every decision that we will make as an executive board.

I am super approachable and look forward to working WITH you and FOR you.

Rebecca Pezic

ASA Vice-President

I am a second-year BBus student doing a double major in Management and Human Resources.

I am running for the role of Vice President as I believe it’s very important to have the needs and wants of students heard.

My focus will be ensuring that Massey students get the best possible uni experience. This will be by listening to the students and creating more relevant events as well as increasing the awareness of the ASA and its role.

Jennifer Zhou

ASA Clubs' and Engagement Executive

I am a BSc student majoring in Ecology with an interest in anything deep science, who can’t stand being bored. And I’m a regular ASA volunteer.

And as a volunteer, I've seen what goes on to enrich uni life for the student body. And i wanna further that effort.

Here's why you should vote for me and what I'll bring to the table:

  • Work alongside and support clubs during the semesters
  • Set up a vibrant atmosphere on campus (I know the Pub Quizzes and Band Nights are popular)
  • Collaborate with the university so student life isn’t dull

Yes, there is studying (lots of it), but it’s not just that! Uni life can be fun and entertaining as well!

We just need to just give it a chance to make it fun and entertaining.

Sophie Stone

ASA Education Executive

Hi, I'm Sophie and I'm a second year Communication student majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Communication Management, going for the position of Education exec.

Given that I'm going for this role, you might expect me to be academic, and I've been called it in the past. Honestly though, this just means I overanalyse everything and watch 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown instead of having a social life.

As a MACS exec, class advocate and occasional ASA volunteer, I've got a good understanding of both the ASA, and obviously being a student at Massey. I'm passionate about using this experience to support all students, making sure nothing prevents anyone from doing the best they can academically.


Grace Amick

ASA Welfare Representative

I am a 1st year BA Psych and Enviro Studies double major student with a focus on health and wellbeing.

Why should you vote for me?

  • Collectively end the stigma and break the silence on mental health on this campus
  • Mindfulness sessions to alleviate stress
  • Co-ordinating with the social representative to bring new and exciting events to campus (did someone say new gigs at Fergs?)
  • Working alongside Health and Counseling to ensure that those services are more available
  • I will get us puppies on campus during the stress of exam time

I have an open mind and ears and down to hear any other suggestions.

Muskaan Devta

ASA Social Representative

Hi! I’m Muskaan, your candidate for Social Representative 2020!

I moved here when I was 4 years old and Massey has been home since 2017, where I’m pursuing a BA in Psychology.

I’m a bit of an introvert in real-life situations ever since recovering from a tough childhood BUT…. I’m also an author and public speaker, so even though it doesn’t look like it, I’m good at making my voice heard. I make sure to take the best from every situation possible, so I want to make sure you do too!

If there’s one thing I live for, it’s helping people and listening to them. I would love to hear yours too, so I can work with the team to ensure we all can get the best out of uni, since we deserve it.

Catch me over a coffee, I’m usually in my hangout spot in the Wonder Room. See you around in 2020!

Mhairi Francombe

ASA Welfare Representative

Hey Everyone! I go by Mhairi (my middle name), but my first name’s Hannah. I’m in my second year of a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Communication Management.

I believe I am right for the role of Welfare Rep because of my experience in the area both on, and off campus. On campus, as a regular ASA volunteer and class advocate. Off campus I’ve trained in Intentional Peer Support, been a lived experience expert as part of a co-design project with WDHB, and attended a consumer rep train the trainer day run by the Health Quality Safety Commission.

As Welfare Rep I will work closely with the Education Executive, Advocacy Co-ordinator and Health and Counselling to:

  • Inform people about Mental Health and invisible disabilities in innovative ways – so people feel they can be open
  • Support students by connecting them with the right services, and creating opportunities for peer support

Daniel Forster

ASA Academic Representative

My name is Daniel Forster and I am an energetic first year Engineering Student. With a major in Engineering and Innovation Management, which is essentially business, and minor in Mechatronics, I know the definition of stress.

In my free time, so practically never, I enjoy reading and learning new things, I’m that guy. From mathematics to linguistics to sleep research, I probably know something interesting.

With the energy of a first year and all that knowledge up in the old pineapple, I know that I will bring the next level to the role of Academic Representative.

Mhairi Francombe

ASA Academic Representative

Have you ever felt that your effort didn’t match the final product? Ever been discouraged by some results? Ever felt like you’re struggling to find your feet?

I’m Mhairi, I’m running for Academic Rep, and I can relate to all of the above. I’m in my second year of a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Communication Management.

I think it’s time that we focus on connecting the class advocates with the student services and the student services with the students.

I was surprised to find how few people know about some of the services available at uni, like the student success advisor on level 3. I’ve also been surprised at the number of times that people’s first choice isn’t to talk to their class advocate.

I’m keen to know what you would like from the class advocacy program, and what could better support you in your academic endeavours.

Sian Nicholson

ASA Academic Representative

Hi, my name is Sian Nicholson and I am in my second year of a double degree in Chemistry and Genetics. I have been a class representative for most of my time at Massey University, helping students to express their concerns with lecturers anonymously, and am happy to stand up for students and negotiate on their behalf. I also enjoy board games and am president of the Massey Albany Tabletop Club. 

You should vote for me because I am personable, open minded and a good listener and will not hesitate to stand up for you and take action on your behalf.

Akram Alhilali

ASA Cultural Representative

I'm a first year BBus student majoring in Finance. 

Upon coming to Massey, one of the first things I noticed was the multiculturalism on campus with people from all walks of life. 

As your candidate for Cultural Representative, I want to help and ensure we can bridge the gap between university study life and university social life on campus through events by which creating a better student experience for all Massey students. 

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect if you vote for me:

  • University cultural awareness week
  • Collaborations with different ASA clubs 
  • Events and festive celebrations 
  • Food, food and more food

Sean Ching Ngee Sheng

ASA Cultural Representative

I am Sean Ching and I am currently running for cultural rep! The course I am currently doing is Bachelor of Science, major in Psychology. I chose to run for cultural rep because: 

  • Interest in many different cultures
  • Enjoy organising events  
  • Enjoy interacting with more people
  • Bring more fun through cultural events and activities 

Above are not the only reasons I can provide through this work post. A little background check, I come from Malaysia and I was lucky enough to grow up in a country that has multiple cultural opportunities. So I would like to bring multiculturalism to Massey University as New Zealand is a Multicultural country too! I also want to try to make mixed heritage individuals (born into interracial family) to be included too through introduction of “blended culture” !

Vote for Sean Ching for multiculturalism! 🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 🇳🇿