Please note that this is our advice for frequently asked questions, and is not full a set of procedures and policies. For this information, please check the official Massey University website


Re-marking of assessed course work/examinations

You can have your work re-marked within four weeks of the results being released.


Aegrotat/Impaired performance consideration

Massey University offer consideration for students whose grades have been affected by issues outside of their control. These close 14 days after the assessment.


Academic Integrity/Misconduct and Student Disciplinary Regulations

Plagiarism, cheating, and other underhanded practices constitute a breach of Academic Integrity and are dealt with according to the Student Disciplinary Regulations.



Plagiarism is presenting the work of another as your own. It is a common breach of Academic Integrity and can sometimes occur unintentionally. Proper referencing and citation can help you avoid accidental plagiarism.


Fee Appeal

Massey University has cut-off dates for fee refunds during regular circumstances. Fees can be appealed at any time if you are unable to continue with study due to extreme personal circumstances.


Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

If you are passing less than 50% of your available credits and/or are having to take a paper multiple times then you are at serious risk for this and may need to reconsider your study or look at options for academic support (tutoring etc). This can result in exclusion from the University.


People on campus who can help

The university Student Success Advisor should be able to help you nut out a plan to succeed in the coming semester.

If you are feeling down and stressed it's a good idea to make an appointment to see a counsellor at Health and Counselling.

They will help you put some perspective on what is happening and help you work through any issues that may be impacting on your ability to study.

ASA's Advocacy service will be able to support you if you believe that there has been problem with the teaching or delivery of the paper that has negatively impacted on your performance.