Academic Advocacy


Although they may be caused by welfare issues or even progress into one, academic issues are about education and generally either stem from within the university or must be solved within the university.

Common academic issues include:

  • Grades disputes – often due to a student feeling they have been marked unfairly or improperly
  • Aeogrotat/impaired performance – generally due to sickness or bereavement
  • Issues of academic integrity/misconduct – plagiarism being a common form of this
  • Course related issues – poor structure, problems with lecturer or teaching, concerns regarding course materials, disputes regarding fees etc

The fact that our advocacy service is independent to the university is important when it comes to such issues. It means we can look at things objectively and work solely in the best interests of the student. It also holds the added benefit of true privacy/confidentiality – we keep your sensitive personal information out of the university system as much as possible.

Click here to view an academic issues FAQ with links to the related policy and procedures.

Click here to view the Massey University Student Contract.



So, you want to meet with Penny regarding an academic issue? First...

  • Read the Student Grievance Procedures so that you understand the process. Penny can assist you with all of these steps and it is better that you contact her earlier on.
  • Know the name/number of the paper the issue lies with AND the name(s) of lecturers or tutors you have for that paper
  • Prepare a written summary of the issue and if possible include a rough timeline of events - What is the issue? Why do you think it started? How long has it gone on for? What solutions have you tried? What is your desired outcome?
  • Prepare records of communication between yourself and those involved (eg emails with lecturer)
  • Prepare evidence supporting the issue/attempts to solve it (eg the marking sheet in question, the application for extension etc).
  • Request help below, compile all of the above and then contact us to arrange an appointment.350px spaceholder
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