General Advocacy 

The mission of the ASA Advocacy Service is to provide support, services and representation to internal students on the Massey Auckland campus that meet the best interest and needs of our students.

The Advocacy Service is strictly confidential and no information will be shared with any third party without your permission.

However, if there is a serious possibility that you may harm yourself or others, we must take responsible action which may include contacting counselling services or the Police.

When using the ASA Advocacy Service, the Student understands and agrees to:

  • make every effort to attend scheduled Advocacy appointments
  • provide true and correct information/data or evidence necessary for the Advocacy Service to commence action on a matter
  • not withhold information that could have a material bearing on the outcome of a matter
  • inform the Advocacy Coordinator of any progress/outcomes or resolutions pertinent to the case

Hardship Grant Applications

The Student understands that if it comes to the attention of those individuals undertaking their hardship assessment that information given is not correct or information has been omitted, the decision may be reversed, and the student will be liable for the amount received and the costs of collection. Pursuant to Principle 11(d) of the Privacy Act 1993, the student agrees to the disclosure and use of the information on their application (and supporting information) by the individuals undertaking their assessment or any agency holding that information for the purpose of establishing eligibility for this grant.


Acceptance of Terms of Service

By accepting the terms of service, the student declares that they have read and agree to the above terms of service.  The student also authorises the ASA Advocacy Service to act on their behalf and understands the confidentiality limitations and responsibilities as an Advocacy Client.