Sign up to our volunteer network and provide valuable feedback on your courses. 

ASA works closely with the University to resolve any course delivery issues as quickly as possible. 


Why be a Class Advocate?

  • It is an easy way to meet new people – great for first year students who want to make some new friends
  • Increased involvement in the course means a higher chance of succeeding
  • Develop leadership and employment skills 
  • Gain experience that can be bragged about on your CV when you graduate! Plenty of certificates to be earned!
  • Contribute to high quality courses and teaching
  • Not to be missed end of year award ceremony and party (9th October)


What will being a Class Advocate require?

  • Attending our one hour training session which comes with a FREE LUNCH and the opportunities to win prizes!!!
    • Semester 1 - Wednesday 10 March  12pm
    • Semester 2 - Wednesday 28 July12pm
  • Some initiative:
    • introduce yourself to your classmates and lecturer
    • be approachable
    • address issues or report them to ASA in a proactive manner etc

We also provide additional advanced training modules and an online fortnightly logbook for your courses (completing entries puts you in the draw for heaps of prizes!). 


Class Advocate t-shirts

Want to look the part and show your class that you are a Class Advocate? 

We've branded t-shirts available from ASA reception, in male and female designs, for just $20 each. 


Signing up  

You can sign up for semester 2 papers from 5th July

  • Log in to this website with your ASA sign in details OR Join the ASA if you don't have an account yet
  • Click the bar below to sign up as a class advocate (please remember to do this step if you are signing up to ASA for the first time!)
  • Note: you can only sign up for Internal Albany courses.


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 Need help? Email [email protected]


Find a Class Advocate

Do you have a problem you want to report to your class advocate?


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Class Advocate logbook

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Please let us know how your classes are going. 

Feed back via our logbook is categorised as either Postive, General or an Issue and is broken up into fortnightly periods throughout the semester.

If there's a problem, we can help get it sorted or if you have postive feeback we can pass it on.  

Remember if you are posting positive feedback, that you could also give the lecturer a vote in our Lecturer of the Year awards.

And the best bit - there are PRIZES on offer for everyone supplying feedback!

You need to sign in to your ASA account to update your logbook.


Update Course Logbook




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This training is ONLY available to CLASS ADVOCATES who have completed the Introductory Class Advocate Training Session.

The training consists of 3 modules which are delivered as a full day of training and includes a free lunch!

The modules included in the training are:

  • Advanced Advocacy 
  • Communication Skills
  • De-escalation of Conflict/Violence 

ALL training will involve some 'role play' with the opportunity for all participating class advocates to participate and practise their skills.

Additional certificates are awarded to class advocates who complete the Extension Skills Training Modules.

It is ESSENTIAL that you SIGN UP for these modules if you wish to do them. 

You must complete all 3 extension modules to be considered for the Advocacy Ambassador programme.


Advanced Advocacy Module 

We're holding the second and third advanced advocacy session in the second semester.  These will be in the student lounge and we even throw in lunch

  • Module 2 – Communication – Wednesday  August 11th 12pm to 2pm
  • Module 3 – De-escalation of Verbal Conflict – Wednesday  August 18th 12pm to 2pm

If you are a class advocate and have attended basic training, you can come along - please register below.  If you haven't attended the basic training, get in touch with Kat and she will help you complete it. 


Sign Up for Advanced Advocacy


Class Advocate of the Year

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Each year we hold an end of year party to recognise and celebrate our volunteer class advocates. 

Make sure you come along as there are always plenty of prizes to be won.

Class Advocates are presented with certificates and those who have completed extra training are also acknowledged.

Advocacy Excellence awards are presented to class advocates who have gone the extra mile. 

And, each year, we name one advocate as our Advocate of the Year and their name is engraved on the honour board in the student lounge. 

Recipients of this award are listed below:

  • 2020 Michaela Futter
  • 2019 Hannah Mhairi Francombe
  • 2018 Philip Kim
  • 2017 Allan Ramage
  • 2016 Rachael Cox
  • 2015 Bronwyn Bruce-Brand


Class Advocates' Administrator

Katrina McGregor 
DDI: 09 213-6056  Ext: 43056
Email:  [email protected]