Making sure you can afford to study

ASA knows that being a student in Auckland is expensive and that you will need a plan and a budget to get you through your study. 

We are here to help.


Budget Seminar

We run a budgeting seminar each year with the support of North Harbour Budgeting. We encourage you to attend! 

This year we are holding the seminar on Wednesday 24th March 2021 at 12pm in the student lounge.


Sign up for Budget Seminar


Budgeting clinics

We offer drop-in budgeting clinics on a Friday for groups or one on one.


Book into a budgeting clinic


Budgeting support tools

We've written a great handbook full of $$$ saving tips and designed an excel budget calculator specifically for student needs.

When using the budget caclulator, you'll need to practise some tough love and make sure you distinguish between what are your NEEDS and your WANTS.



Other useful links


Hardship fund

You many qualify for our student assistance programme.  Check out the info on our Welfare Advocacy page. 

Criteria apply and you need to bring 3 months of bank statements with you.