Post-Exam Support


It can really suck when we get don’t get the grades we were hoping for, especially when you have worked really hard
all semester.

First thing to remember is that your grades DON’T define you and what is important is to get yourself back on track.  

Some of the things you can do

If there was something that negatively impacted on you during your exams (personal issue, unwell etc) you can apply
for an aegrotat or impaired performance. You can apply for a remark of exam script and the return of exam script (these two options will cost you money though), and the remark is really just making sure they added the numbers up correctly. These options MUST be actioned quickly.

You can also make an appointment to see the university Student Success Advisor, who should be able to help you nut
out a plan to succeed in the coming semester.

If you are feeling down and stressed it is also a good idea to make an appointment to see a counsellor at Health and Counselling. They will help you put some perspective on what is happening and help you work through any issues that
may be impacting on your ability to study.

Also, the ASA has an Advocacy Coordinator who will be able to support you if you believe that there has been problem
with the teaching or delivery of the paper that has negatively impacted on your performance.

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