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Flatting and Tenancy Advice

Where and how you live is extremely important. Many students will be living away from home for the first time and this can be a steep learning curve. There are many pitfalls and problems associated with accommodation that can become stressful and financially draining should something go wrong.The good news is that many accommodation issues can be prevented by some sound and commonsense preparedness.

The tenancy services website is packed with all sorts of advice, videos and templates that you can use for establishing a flatting or tenancy agreement.  Understanding the differences between being a tenant and being a flatmate and whether you have a fixed term or periodic rental agreement is key to making sure you get the accommodation that will suit your circumstances. 

Here are some links to check out: 

However, if you do find yourself with a flatting problem that is affecting your study, ASA's advocate will help you negotiate your way through any problems. 

So, you want to meet with Penny regarding an accommodation problem?

  • Colllate and be ready to provide any evidence you have relating to the issue (eg tenancy agreement, bills, photographs ).
  • Request help below to book an appointment.

If you need financial assistance in relation to your accommodation issue and believe you qualify for it (check our welfare advocacy page), make sure you have 3 months of bank statements ready to present before contacting Penny.

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