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General parking is still free on our campus but unless you're here at the crack of dawn, finding a parking space is tough!

Save yourself the hassle of driving around and around the carpark, wasting both your time and expensive fuel.

The Let's Carpool scheme operates Mondays to Fridays during semesters 1 and 2 before 4pm. (Lecture weeks only)

For an annual payment of $20 each, you and your passenger can join our Let's Carpool scheme and park in the carpool carpark in front of The Ferguson Bar.

You must re-register at the start of each new year.

  • No more parking hassle
  • Reduce environmental impact of commuting
  • Reduce stress
  • Meet new people or ride with existing friends
  • Save money on fuel and vehicle costs

To become a Let's Carpool member just follow these easy steps:

  • Login or sign up to ASA (Free!)
  • Find some carpooling buddies! These can be people you already know or sign in to use our "Find a Carpool" option 
  • You and your passengers register for carpool online
  • After registering, head on up to ASA reception in the student lounge, pay $20, and we'll give you your card
    • On sale, Monday - Thursday 9am-3:30pm
  • Display the cards on the dash of the car and you are ready to go!

 Please note

  • A carpool card gives you access to the carpool car park but it does not guarantee you a park - but let us know if you are unable to find one
  • Carpool cards are non-refundable



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