Club Committee

The formula for a succesful club is to get a core committee together to manage your club.

Don't underestimate the skills that you will learn if you step up to be on the committee. 

The reason it looks good on your CV is because you learn alot in the process. 

Massey's Club Constitution (set of rules) says that you must have a minimum of 4 committee members:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

You can optionally have other committee members up to a maximum of 10.

Ideally your club committee members will be current Massey Auckland students.

But we understand, that that is not always possible, and so in some special circumstances we will make exceptions. 

Your club committee is elected at a general meeting of the club.

Give your club members at least 7 days notice that you will have a general meeting to elect a new committee or committee member.

There are a few more rules in the constitution document, but these are the main ones. 



The President is at the healm of the club and is often the main contact for the club.

These are the sorts of things that are involved in the job.

  • Attending Club workshops
  • Being well informed of club activities
  • Attending ASA Special and Annual General meetings
  • Being chairperson of club committee meetings
  • Representing the club at local, regional and national level
  • Recognising the input of committee members
  • Steering stategic planning of the club (long-term goals, projects etc)
  • Being a signatory for the club account with ASA
  • Liaising with the ASA Clubs' Rep as necessary

The skills and attributes that will help you to do the role are:

  • Being able to motivate others, to lead and to work as part of a team
  • Having an objective approach
  • Good organisation - planning etc
  • Ability to chair meetings and keep them on track
  • Having good active listening skills
  • Enthusiasm 
  • A willingness to learn



The Vice-President of the club supports the President in their role.  

This is a good role to take on if you would like to be the President next year.

The tasks and skills that you need are those listed above for the President.



The secretary keeps all the non-financial records for the clubs.  

As secretary you would:

  • Attend Club workshops
  • Lodge the club affiliation application with ASA 
  • Maintain the club membership register
  • Publicise club events
  • Prepare and distribute the agenda for all club committee meetings 
  • Take the minutes (record decisions) at all club committee meetings 
  • Be a signatory for the club account with ASA
  • Deal with any correspondence
  • Liaise with the ASA Clubs' Rep as necessary

The skills and attributes that will help you to do the role are:

  • An ability to work as part of a team
  • Having good organisation skills
  • Enthusiasm 
  • A willingness to learn



The club treasurer manages the financial affairs of the club.

As treasurer you would:

  • Attend club workshops
  • Make sure club subscriptions / fees are collected and banked with the ASA
  • Keep up-to-date financial records for the club  (support provided by ASA)
  • Attend all club committee meetings and present financial accounts to the members
  • Prepare the club budget for the coming year
  • Be a signatory for the club account with ASA
  • Apply for club grants if/when agreed at a committee meeting
  • Liaise with the ASA Clubs' Rep as necessary

The skills and attributes that will help you to do the role are:

  • An ability to work as part of a team
  • Good numeracy skills 
  • Working knowledg of Excel
  • Having good organisation - planning etc
  • Enthusiasm
  • A willingness to learn


Benefits of being a committee member

All the intangible experience you will have acquired in the process.

It really does look good on your CV and you'll be able to use examples of the work you did at interviews.

Recognition from your club members. 

You will be invited to the end of year Club Awards Dinner.

Letter or certificate from ASA (if requested).


Succession planning and handover

It's sad to see a previously strong club fail when the committee that has been leading it all graduates.  

ASA recommends:

  • 1st year students are regular club members
  • 2nd year students are the committee members at the helm of the club
  • 3rd year students & previous year's committee mentor/ assist the incoming committee

Remember, to look out for those keen students who you think will step up to the task.

It's not fair to leave all of the work to one person because "no-one else will do the job".

Try to find a way to recognise and acknowledges the work that your volunteer committee do for the club. 


Changes to your Committee

If any of your committee resign during the year, you'll need to hold a Special General Meeting to elect a new student to the role.

Remember that you need to give your members 7 days notice.

Once you have held the meeting and typed the minutes - one of your current committee signs into their ASA account and "Updates the Committee".

This will create some forms that your new committee will need to sign and then hand in at the ASA reception. 


Update Your Club Committee