Your club just has to be affiliated to ASA and have a minimum of 10 student members to qualify to apply.

You can apply for a grant to do things like:

  • Promote your club
  • Buy equipment
  • Run events
  • Support the on-going costs of running your club

Full information on club affiliation and club grants can be found in the Clubs, Societies and Cultural Groups Policy below.

It looks scarier than it is, so we've tried to simplify things on this page.


Clubs, Societies and Cultural Groups Policy


Grant rounds and cut-off dates

There will be 5 further grant rounds in 2023.  

The cut-off dates below are strictly adhered to and close at midnight, grants received after that roll into the next round.

Plan ahead so that you know which round you need to apply in and don't leave submitting your application to the last minute.

It always help to discuss your application with the Clubs and Events Coordinator before submitting it.

You can apply for more than one grant in a round.

You must apply for separate grants if you are applying for funds for more than one project/event.

It takes 10-14 days after the cut-off date to find out whether your grant has been approved or not.

Grants do not cover any expenses you have already paid for before, so you must wait until you have received the outcome of your application before spending any money if you want to claim it under your grant.

  1. 2 April
  2. 7 May
  3. 2 Jul 
  4. 13 Aug 
  5. 8 Oct 


Grant streams

Grants usually  only cover a percentage of the cost of your project and your club will need to come up with the balance of the funds.

You can do this by charging membership fees, or a participation fee or by organising a fundraising activity.

There are different grant streams (percentages) for different types of projects.

  • Start-up grant - up to 100% for essential equipment / club launch costs
  • General grant - up to 70% of the cost of your project (includes food in support of activities)
  • Health and safety grant - up to 100% for items that will improve safety for members or events
  • Special project grant - up to 100% - you must talk to the Clubs and Events Coordinator if you want to apply for this grant


Discretionary grants 

If required due to unforeseen circumstances that would impact a club’s ability to run, a discretionary/quick response grant may be applied for.

A discretionary/quick response grant may be applied for at any time. A club may apply for this up to 4 times a year, with a funding cap of $200.

To access this quick response grant, clubs must conmplete this application sheet (type into the orange boxes) and email it to the clubs and events coordinator


Funding caps - how much you can apply for

The number of active members in your club determines how much you can apply for in each grant round.

Most of our clubs would have fewer than 150 members, but if your club has more, check the funding cap in the policy document.

  • 10-50 members:     up to $1000 
  • 51-100 members:   up to $1500 
  • 101-150 members: up to $2000 

In exceptional circumstances, the committee chair has the discretion to award extra funds. 

The Clubs' and Events Coordinator can give you advice on this.

As the grant fund is limited, grants may not always be approved up to the maximum cap for the category.


Your club contribution

 In most cases, your club has to fund a percentage of the cost of the project. 

Even if you spend less that the amount that was allocated in your grant, the grant will still only cover a percentage of the cost.


Your project was expected to cost $500

You were successful and received a $350 grant to cover 70% of the costs 

But your costs came in under budget (good thing!) and the total project cost was $400

The grant will cover 70% of $400 which is $280

Your club must still cover 30% of $400 which is $120

The unspent balance of grant funds of $70 must be returned to the grant pool


There are some things you can't use grant funds for

You can't apply for a grant :

  • for projects of a political, ideological or evangelical nature
  • to pay off a club debt 
  • to purchase alcohol
  • if you have already spent the money (or do so before finding out if your grant was succesful)  


Applying for a grant

One person shouldn't be deciding to apply for a grant.  

It should be a club committe decision and your club secretary must keep meeting minutes to show that your committee has decided to apply for a grant.

Get your club members on board to support the application.

Itemise your costs and get 2 quotes for each expense.

Use the template below to create your project budget. 

It will do the number crunching for you.


Budget & quotes spreadsheet


Then complete a cover letter to support your application .

This is your chance to convince the grant committee to award you the funds.

Be concise and keep it simple.


Cover letter template


Get ready to submit the application

You will need to have digital copies on the computer that you are using in order to complete your application

  • Cover letter - this must be a word document
  • The project budget
  • 2 comparative quotes for each item
    • if you only have 1 quote, explain why
    • estimates without a quote won't be accepted
    • make sure the quotes are realistic
  • Club bank statement for the year to date (not needed if your bank account is with ASA)
  • RAMS form to cover health and safety (where applicable)
  • Any outstanding post-grant reports from previous grant rounds

The online system will not accept files larger than 5MB.

Please compress any photos that you put into word documents (email quality is fine).


Online application

Make sure you are signed into your ASA account and then click below. 

Once you have submitted the application you will receive an email with the grant application and supporting documents in a zip file.

This email is also sent to the Clubs and Events Coordinator.

The Clubs and Events Coordinator will let you know the outcome of your application approximately 10 days after the cut-off date.  

If you are signed into your ASA account, you can see which grants have been approved. 


Submit Club grant application


Using your grant

Details of how you can use your grant will be emailed to you when your grant is approved.

Check out "Using your club funds" on the running a club page.


What to do if your grant was unsucessful

The grant committee ususally supply a reason if they decline a grant application.

Sometimes they might just require more information.

Set up a meeting with the Clubs and Events Coordinator who may be able to help you reapply.


Post-grant report

This is important.

If you don't send in a post-grant report, you risk not being awarded another grant.

The committee are always keen to know how your project/event turned out.

Club grants come from the students services levy that you as students pay so it is important that it is used wisely and that its use is transparent.

A paragraph or 2 and a photo is all you need to provide.