Massey University Student Investment Club (2020/R3)

In round three the Massey University Student Investment Club applied for two grants: the general grant and the health and safety grant. Both of these grants were successfully approved.

For the general grant, the application was for Visa Prezzy Cards and Paknsav gift vouchers to use as prizes for a stock trading competition and a Kahoot quiz.

The stock trading competition is currently running and will end on Friday 24th of July during the first week back at uni. While we only have 11 members currently participating in the competition, we think this is a decent number due to the effects of Covid-19 and having to run the club and keep up engagement through online platforms.

Below are the current top 10 rankings from the competition (screenshot taken on the 23/06/2020). 


The Kahoot quiz was going to be at the end of semester 1 but due to students having exams and little to no study break we have decided to postpone this till semester 2. Depending on the situation with Covid the quiz will either be online through Kahoot or in person in the trading room.

For the health and safety grant, we used the funds to purchase a St Johns first aid kit for the club which will be kept in the trading room and added to the clubs asset list.