Executive Members

Senior Executive Positions

Lance Walsh
ASA President

E: president@asa.ac.nz
DDI: 09 213 6072


The President is responsible for overseeing and supervising the administration and effective running of the association. They chair all Executive committee meetings and are responsible for Executive matters in the absence of the Executive. They are an ex-officio member of all clubs and societies, a cheque signatory of the association, co-ordinate the work of the Executive, act as media liaison, and represent the needs and wants of the members to all external bodies.

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Rachael Cox
Administration Vice-President

E: avp@asa.ac.nz
DDI: 09 213 6070


The Vice-President is responsible for ensuring that the Student Executive remain informed, keep to budget, go to meetings, update and develop policy which is representative of the needs and wants of the Auckland students. They are a cheque signatory,will organise all the Annual General Meetings and Elections, present the Budget to the students for ratification and advise on Constitutional matters as they arise. This information collection and dissemination role is crucial to the effective and efficient working of the Student Executive.

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Joseph Taylor
Social Vice-President

E: vp@asa.ac.nz
DDI: 09 213 6070


The Social Vice-President is responsible for promoting campus culture/student interaction by way of running events, working with Clubs to engage students with clubs, securing ASA member deals for external events and working with the other ASA representatives to ensure there are social/entertainment opportunities for all demographics at Massey Albany.

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General Executive Positions

Ricky Stephens
General Executive
Welfare Portfolio

E: exec@asa.ac.nz
DDI: 09 213 6070


The General Executives will be responsible for implementing the strategic goals of the Association which shall be set for their year of office. Specific portfolios will be divided between the members. The General Executive will each make a regular contribution to activities planned by the Association and will play an essential part in the promotion and marketing of the Association to the student body.

Craig Oliveira
General Executive
Quality Portfolio

E: exec@asa.ac.nz
DDI: 09 213 6070






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