Massey Construction Society

Massey Construction Society is a student-run organization that strikes the perfect balance between fun and academics. Our community is exclusively tailored towards construction students or anyone who wants to learn about the industry or thinking about joining the sector. During our time we would offer events in and off-campus, to help cater the opportunities necessary for your future. About us - we host a variety of events that are geared towards fostering social connections among our members in and out of industry, we also help form study groups and run workshops that are very relevant towards your study. But that's not all! We also organize industrial events that offer students excellent opportunities to explore potential job markets in the industry. Whether you're looking to develop your social skills, to build lasting connections, or to explore the job market, Massey Construction Society is the perfect place to be. So come join us, and let's build a better tomorrow! For the students by the students.

Contact Name: Maggie Hu
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 0210666930