MUAFTS - MUA Food Technology Society

The Massey University Albany Food Technology Society (MUAFTS) is a club whose purpose is to provide food technology students, and anyone else who is interested, with much-requested exposure to the food technology industry. As well as this, we hope to provide members with social interaction amongst food technology students at other years/levels. This will be done through organising academic and social events. Academic events include industry food tours, guest speakers, and CV workshops. Social events include quiz nights and lunch events. These events are aimed for students to learn new knowledge, apply what they’ve learned in class to a real-life situation, to talk to other students regarding their personal experiences as a food technology student. The events will also provide an opportunity for students to make friends with people who share the same interests, which has been a prominent issue with our degree that students don’t feel as if there are enough events outside of studying to get to know other students. Additionally, the club plans to provide events where people who studied food technology and are now working in the industry get to share their experiences in the workforce, the various working options that are available with a food technology degree, and the transition from university to work.

Contact Name: Cindy Zhu
Contact Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 0224239244