MU Aerial Arts Club (2020/R1)

Grant round 1 provided the Aerial Arts Club with stanchions for use during Clubs Day and other events.  They were an outstanding success, creating a safe section for tricks and a professional atmosphere. We frequently had a line of people ready to give it a go and had 57 people sign up to receive more information about the club and 27 guys sign up to give a "Boys only" night a go.  We ran two free session per week for the first two weeks and had almost full classes each time.

The health and safety grant provided us with allen keys and first aid kit. The allen keys are used every class to set up and dismantle the poles.  They have made things faster and easier and are enjoyed by all members as they allow more time to spend doing the fun parts of class. Fortunately, the first aid kit has yet to have been used but it creates a feeling of security having it on hand.

clubreport 102