MUMSA Muslim Students' Association (2020/R1)

We arranged AGM as part of the election of new committee members for MUMSA. This grant was applied for a food and general catering for members who are attending AGM. We move the original date of February 14, 2020, to Wednesday, March 18, 2020, as we have not received any nomination and recommendation from our members till February 14, 2020. Once we had all the nominations, we announce to our members about the meeting date and time in-person, via email via Facebook and WhatsApp groups. The AGM meeting was held in prayer space from 2 PM - 3:30 PM so most of the students can attend.

We had very health conversion and Ideas exchange about upcoming events. We explain the last year's events and how things are carried out in the last years. Explain the point of first contact and workshop that MUMSA will be part of.  We also explain the roles and responsibilities of every newly elected committee member.   More details are part of the AGM meeting.

We had a mix of MUMSA and non-MUMSA Massey students and staff attending and enjoyed pizza and refreshments. We had quite a smaller number non-MUMSA of attendees at this event it was also an alternative Muslim-friendly campus event because of its venue, alcohol-free atmosphere and inclusion of halal/veg. 

Special thanks: We would like to thank ASA and Massey University, especially Kay-Leigh Wheeler and Jacqueline Adams, for helping us with everything before the event especially regarding the grant application processes. We would also appreciate and regards the support from committee members who took their time and consider our Grant request.

MUMSA Executive Team