MUMSA Muslim Students' Association (2020/R1)

MUMSA look after prayer space and Friday arrangement, we need this funding for cleaning the prayer space. We have more than 100 members who visit prayer space-time to time. We arrange two Friday sessions to accommodate them. We are also applying for some for our Friday prayer leader who travels for us from Mount Roskill sometimes from Hamilton. As the protective measures from ongoing COVID-19, we use more of this funding to ensure carpets are clean with a sanitizer, hand sanitizer and hand wash are in stock. We also had regular cleaning of prayer space, kitchen, and the other facility that is frequently touching and used.

We arrange vouchers for our Imams to cover their travel costs and present a Gift of the token from MUMSA who are helping us with two session prayers every friend. This grant covers until June of 2020 for the first 6 months.  

Special thanks: We would like to thank ASA and Massey University, especially Kay-Leigh Wheeler and Jacqueline Adams, for helping us with everything before the event especially regarding the grant application processes. We would also appreciate and regards the support from committee members who took their time and consider our Grant request.

MUMSA Executive Team