MUMSA Muslim Students' Association (2020/R1)

MUMSA look after prayer space, as part of new RAMS requirement we apply for this grant First aid training, training kit and fixing the carpet of prayer space. MUMSA has more than 100 members. Most of our members visit us every week on Friday prayers in Muslim prayer space, as we arrange two Friday session to accommodate them with this big number, we are worried about our members as the prayer carpets are not properly glowed to the ground. We have to pray of prayer mates (carpet) for the cleaning purposed. Sometimes due to free movement of carpet member tripped on its serval times. We manage to fix the carpet with double side glue tape and stapler pins that hold the carpet and all the venerable parts are taken care off for the time being. We have few supplies left that we will use after the lock down to ensures no buddy get hurts. MUMSA owns a first Aid kit and carry it with us in our all events. The First aid training is due because we are waiting to lockdown finish and 2 exec members will register for first Aid training.

Special thanks: We would like to thank ASA and Massey University, especially Kay-Leigh Wheeler and Jacqueline Adams, for helping us with everything before the event especially regarding the grant application processes. We would also appreciate and regards the support from committee members who took their time and consider our Grant request.

MUMSA Executive Team