MUMSA Muslim Students' Association (2020/R2)

Ramadan Report


Ramadan is an event of where Muslim community fasts for 30 days from sunrise until sunset Ramadan is the month of the holy Quran, reflection, giving, discipline, family and community.

This year, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the usual daily iftars (dinners) every evening could not be arranged. Instead MUMSA came up with another way to contributing to its members.  

Pak n Save Voucher Cards worth 100$ were purchased and were distributed among the members who registered via Google Doc link that was distributed to all the registered members email.

Executive Committee Contribution:

Due to the prevailing situation at the time of Pak n Save Voucher Cards distribution, a comprehensive set on instruction were provided by ASA . A meeting was held between the MUMSA executive committee members and a plan was established to distribute the vouchers under the communicated Health and Safety guidelines.

A certain number of Vouchers were distributed among each member (10 each), and the members were instructed to collect their respective vouchers from each executive member at a mutual agreeable time.

During Voucher collection process, it was made sure that no physical contact is made and the members were instructed to fill a contact tracing form provided by ASA.  Following members took part in the process:

  • Muhammad Dandachly
  • Kashif khan
  • Ahmed Almutairi
  • Sibghatullah
  • Israr Wahid
  • Abid Farooqi
  • Noaman Riaz

Family and community contributions for arranging Iftar:

MUMSA was able to collection funds of around 1500$ form its members to sponsor 40% expenses of the activity

Special thanks:

MUMSA would like to extend its sincerest thanks to Kayleigh Wheeler, Jacqueline Adams, Rosetina Crockett, and the CSCG Committee for helping us during the ever-changing situation due to CoVid-19 pandemic and allowing us to our proceed with our proposed changes and answering our emails and hosting ZOOM video sessions.

We would also like to appreciate the support from committee members who took their time and considered our grant request.