MAPSA - Massey Albany Pasifika Students' Association (2020/R5)

Thanks to our Health and Safety Grant, MAPSA is now fully equipped with adequate health and safety equipment to accompany us to all our events. Our assets now include a sports first aid kit, wet floor sign, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, and PPE such as gloves and hand sanitizer.

On top of this, a further two of our members undertook a First Aid Training course at St Johns Albany on Dec 12. This was a full day course covering everything from common injuries to life-threatening scenarios, CPR for adults, children and infants, and emergency management skills. We are proud to say that half of our current executive team are now trained in first aid.

Having the appropriate health and safety equipment to mitigate potential hazards and manage accidents or injuries is our responsibility as a club. With the help of this grant, we can confidently assure all members/guests that we take their health, safety and wellbeing seriously.

As always, we'd love to give a massive thank you to the ASA, and CSCG Committee for all their help in preparing and processing our Health and Safety Grant. The first aid training course has been a fantastic learning experience and we pledge to ensure MAPSA keeps all equipment well stocked and our executive team well educated.