MUA Snow Club (2020/R4)

On the 25th of September the MUASC set off for a trip to Mt Ruapehu, our second trip for the snow season of 2020! We stayed at Alpine Motel & Backpackers Lodge in Ohakune (on the Turoa side of the mountain).

The van went down at 4am on Friday morning with the hopes of getting an extra day on the mountain but it closed due to poor weather conditions. Regardless, we had our traditional Maccas stop, this time by Bombay instead of Otorohanga for a snack and some coffee. We unpacked, did some food shopping and then all got in the spa and had some bonding time. A few of the boys decided it was too hot in the spa and made a dash down the road to a local river to cool off which everyone found entertaining. We all made dinner together and hang out, talking, playing card games before getting an early night.

We woke up Saturday morning and got ready for the snow. The weather started off pretty good but by 10.45am the wind had picked up enough that they had to close Turoa. That didn't stop us though, went drove to Whakapapa and continued shredding despite low visibility conditions!

On the Saturday night we went down to the Powder keg bar to see another EDM type performance and have a few games of pool.

On Sunday the weather the packed in again and both ski fields were closed so we had a slower morning than usual, packed up and started the drive home early.

The trip was successful and despite unideal weather conditions, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

As we applied for a grant from the ASA and it was approved, the costs of travel and accommodation was greatly reduced. We were also lucky enough to be able to use the ASAs van, meaning it was far easier to get everyone down to the snow. We are very grateful for the committee approving the grant, and for the ASAs help in getting us down there.

Unfortunately we decided to cancel our third and final snow trip due to quickly deteriorating conditions.

Thanks for a great year and for all your support. Hopefully next year is bigger and better!