MUA Fencing Federation (2020/R1)

We held our Fencing Tournament on 20th December 2020. There were 9 participants joined the individual competition. We started with a poul of unique and then Direct Elimination. All the fencers enjoyed the game and we ended the competition with a friendly team event.

However, the total number of the participants is less than what we expected. Due to this is a make-up event of the Easter one (we originally booked the 12th April, due to lockdown, it has been cancelled) people cannot really make this event because of the date of the event. We will try to avoid the Christmas time to run competitions, because people will go for holiday. Another point is we will start to advertise the event earlier so that more people could be involved. There weren't many spectators except the family or friends of the fencers during the event. We expected to have more spectators and they could potentially be our members.

We had good comments and feedbacks from our members regarding the event. They like it because they found it is easier to join our competition instead of the Fencing North (Regional) or Fencing New Zealand (National). Our members feel more comfortable and less pressure

to participate our competition. We will definitely hold our own Fencing Competition again in 2021 and we are also thinking about hold competitions regularly.

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