MACS (2019/R2)

MACS held a pizza meet and greet for our Annual General Meeting (AGM) where we voted in a new treasurer as part of our Club Executive Committee for 2019. We also used this time to get to know our members and introduce ourselves and the aim of this club. This meet-up has a great turnout, with free pizza and drinks provided for all who attended.

We noticed there was a strong interest in media studio tours and PR/Marketing workplace tours so we are intending to cover and provide these types of events for our members this year. Another area our members are keen on is in internships so we will make it a priority to find opportunities and workshops that we can promote to our members, in the hope that this is beneficial and helpful to them and their needs/ interests.

This grant round also assisted us in transporting 10 students to take part in the live audience of channel Three's The Project. As our first outing of the year, this was a wonderfully successful event, allowing the students to witness the live taping of a national current affairs show. Our president Aaliyah even got to go on the show and introduce one of the next segments! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and have planned two more MACS events of a similar fashion for later in the year as a result.

clubreport 14