MUAFTS - MUA Food Technology Society (2021/R1)

On Wednesday 24th of March 2021 from 12-1pm, the Massey University Albany Food Technology Society (MUAFTS) held their Annual General Meeting. The AGM was held at a grass area located in the Oteha Rohe campus. Food Technology students from 1st year up to 4th year attended the event, as well as some lecturers and lab technicians involved within the Food Technology department. There were picnic snacks set up with a range of healthy and delicious snacks for the students and staff to enjoy, such as vogel's toast with Forty Thieves SuperFood butter, cheese, crackers, carrots, celery etc. The event started off with an introduction of the executive team members and their role within the committee, and then an introduction of the staff members as well as their roles in the Food Technology department. After the introductions, the committee proceeded to promote the events that they have planned for the year. Students were also able to write down their ideas, comments, questions and opinions regarding events they would like to see for the year and any questions they might have in relation to the club or for the lecturers. The event ended off with the students and staff gathering around the picnic mats/table, chatting with each other while enjoying the delicious picnic snacks.