MUA Snow Club (2021/R2)

On the 23rd of April MUASC had their first Ice-skating evening of 2021! We left Massey campus in the ASA Student van at about 7pm and arrived at the Ice-rink around 7:25pm. Some students joined us in the van, and some met us at the rink. Once we had all arrived and introduced to each other, we entered the rink for an evening of fun!

Once we all had our entrance passes it was figuring out our skate sizes and 'skating up'.

We had people of all levels of skating, beginners and advanced skaters. The atmosphere was pretty good, with everyone excited to get on the ice and start skating to the disco lights and music. Once we had put our bags down it was onto the ice and away we go! Everyone was skating around and helping out others of lesser experience. Mid-way we had a snack break while the zamboni cleared the ice, and then we finished off the evening.

We did manage to grab some photos and videos while at the rink, and hope to sometime produce a video of the evening. Everyone had an excellent time and mentioned they would be keen to join the next ice-skating evening.

By applying for this grant, and having it approved, the costs of travel and entry was greatly reduced. We were also lucky enough to be able to use the ASA's van, meaning it was far easier to get everyone to the rink. We are very grateful for the committee approving the grant, and for the ASAs help in getting us there. Our next evening is on the 14th of May and we are all looking forward to it! The Snow Club is doing well this year and we hope to see much more engagement at all our events, especially our snow trips.

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