Massey University Ultimate Frisbee Club (MUUFC) (2021/R1)

Last year our club decided to purchase 2 $20 Westfield gift cards to encourage new players to come to our Thursday night sessions in the Recreation Centre. It was a good method, so we decided to do that again this year! A change we made was we handed out the gift cards after the delayed Clubs' Day was hosted to get more player to try it out. On week 7 session we gave the most enthusiastic and improved new player to Rhiannon pictured on the left, next to our secretary Basil. The other picture is from our week 8 session and we gave it to an eager and talented new player, Thad pictured on the right on the second picture.

Overall, we have been getting great turn outs after our successful Clubs' Day. We thank you for providing the funds to reward new and enthusiastic players to keep on learning this social and high intensity sport!

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