MAPSA - Massey Albany Pasifika Students' Association (2021/R1)

MAPSA Chill Spaces - Fortnightly Catch-up

To date, we have held 5 Chill Space catch ups in the Fale Manaaki. Mostly it has been MAPSA's executive team in attendance. Despite low attendance, it has provided a nice opportunity for us all to catch up in a casual setting as we often only meet to discuss club activities.

For the students who have attended our Chill Spaces just by studying in the Fale Manaaki at the time of the event, it has provided us with an opportunity to get to know them on a personal level. Through these conversations, we've been able to identify issues that Pasifika students are facing and work together to advocate for solutions. As a result of one conversation at Chill Spaces, we brought transport hardship issues to the attention of the ASA which prompted them to open a Transport Hardship Grant. We have also supported another member to gain a tertiary concession on their AT HOP card as they mentioned how expensive it was for them to travel to and from university. Furthermore, we have met with staff to support another member experiencing extreme family issues that prevented them attending class and keeping up with their studies.

All of these conversations are unlikely to have taken place without Chill Spaces. Even though we do not see large turnouts, they are proving beneficial for the few students who have attended. We thank the committee for approving our food grant so that we can provide snacks during Chill Spaces.