MUA Snow Club (2021/R3)

On the 14 May We (MUASC) had our second Ice-skating evening of 2021. Most students drove with us in the ASA van, and introductions were completed when we all arrived at the rink. After kitting up and putting our stuff away it was onto the ice!

All levels of skaters joined us, beginners, intermediates and advanced skaters. The disco lights and music made it a relaxed and fun evening, with some of us doing a few moves to the best songs. We had a small social midway through when the Zamboni cleared the ice and it was great to get to know each other better.

While we didn't grab all that many photos due to having too much fun skating, we were able to snap a few pics and videos. People were keen to join us, and especially the beginners mentioned they would love to do more evenings.

The grant from the ASA helped reduce the costs of travel and entry to the ice rink, which many students appreciated. Also, the ASA van made it fun and easy to all drive to the rink together. We are very grateful for the committee approving the grant, and for the ASAs help. We hope to continue these Ice-skating evenings. They are great for engagement when it's not winter and there is no snow for us.

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