AMESS - Engineering Society (2021/R3)

The AMESS BBQs continues to be a well-received event enjoyed by all.

The turnout exceeded our expectations as over 120 people showed up when we originally were expecting 100 people. These were not just students, but lecturers, PhD students, and other staff members that turned up to the free BBQ.

For BBQ 3 we offered beef and vegetarian patties, bacon, hash browns, onion, lettuces, cheese, and a variety of sauces.  And for BBQ 4 we offered a classic sausage sizzle. 

In addition to these BBQs.

We also ran our first breakfast BBQ, offering onions, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, and hash browns.

Attendees were very happy with this selection.

Everyone is looking forward to the next BBQs and what we have to offer.

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