MUA Underwater Club (2021/R2)

The Underwater Club would like to thank the Grant Committee for their continued support and funding which has allowed us to hold some very cool events for our members. In 2021 we received funding for Round 1 which has allowed us to do two dive/snorkel events at Poor Knights Islands and Matheson's Bay. The event at Mathesons Bay was a great success as many of our members are only Open Water Certified meaning they do not have much experience with scuba diving but want to learn more so they can come along to our more advanced events such as our Poor Knights Islands events. Doing scuba diving courses, buying gear and going on trips is a very very expensive sport so many students cant afford to do trips like this. With the funding from the Grant Committee we have been able to give many people opportunities to dive which they otherwise couldn't afford to do. We have helped to build their confidence in the water and find their passion. As we hold more of these training days, we get more people signing up to the advanced events. Our Poor Knights Islands trip is happening next Saturday 3rd July and we have had so much interest that the entire boat is booked with Underwater Club Members!

We could not have achieved this without the support and funding from the Grant Committee!! On behalf of our members and executive team, THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!!

Katie Littlewood

MUAUC President