AMESS - Engineering Society (2021/R3)

At the beginning of Semester 2 AMESS held a series of Re-O-Week events, one of which included the Winter Rager. This event was aimed to be the Toga styled event for semester two. Unfortunately, just as we found with Bear Pong we did not receive the expected numbers, again this was hugely impacted due to COVID-19 and a number of students not having in person classes to see our poster advertisement. We pushed advertising very hard through social media, Massey Tvs, Posters and In person.

We provide all students through the door with glow in the dark materials like glow sticks, glow paint and more which everyone absolutely loved.

We attracted approximately 70 people to this event, and although this was not as many as we anticipated the event was still full of fun for those who attended.

We are looking forward to next year when we can host a Toga Party again without COVID interruption and hopefully increase student engagement with students who have been craving some campus culture.

More photos and information can be found on our Instagram @amess.massey.

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