MUA Snow Club (2021/R6)

On the 28 of May MUASC had their first Club Snowplanet evening of 2021. We all met at Snowplanet around 6pm. Giving us time to kit up, sort out our snowboards/skis and hit the snow! After a few warm-ups runs it was time to have some fun, with Snowplanet offering rails and a jump! It was super cool to see our advanced members do tricks and slides and even more fun to watch our braver beginners and intermediates attempt the rails and jumps. There were a few fails and falls, most very funny! At 8pm we met in the restaurant for drinks and chat, meeting old friends and new! It was great to hear about what everyone was doing and their different experiences and skill levels on the snow. Also, a superb opportunity to advertise some of our Winter Trips down to Ruapehu and our planned Queenstown trip, members seemed keen!

We did manage to grab some photos and videos while at Snowplanet, and hope to sometime produce a video of the evening. Everyone had an excellent time and mentioned they would be keen to join the one! It was also great to get a feel for the snow again so we can make the most of our time on the mountain this winter.

Because we applied for a grant from the ASA and it was approved, the costs of entry was greatly reduced. This really made it easier for members to afford the event and for beginners to try out the sport and meet people! We very grateful for the committee approving the grant, and for the ASAs help in getting us there. Our next evening is planned for June 25/26 and we are all looking forward to it, hopefully we will be able to get funding again! The Snowclub is doing well this year and we have seen much engagement at all our events, and are looking forward to even more, especially on our snowtrips!