MUA Snow Club (2022/R1)

On the 11th of March we had our second Club Snowplanet evening of 2022. We all met at Snowplanet around 7pm. Giving us time to kit up, sort out our snowboards/skis and hit the snow! After a few warm-ups runs it was time to have some fun, with Snowplanet offering rails and a jump! It was super cool to see everyone out on the snow and having fun, pulling tricks and jumps. There were a few falls and funny moments, but everyone enjoyed the evening! We met in the restaurant around 9pm for drinks and chat, making new friends and catching up with old friends. It was awesome to chat about snowboarding and connect over shared interests and discuss the different mountains and skills. Also, it was a superb opportunity to advertise some of our Winter Trips down to Ruapehu and our planned future snowplanet nights, members seemed keen!

Snow Club SnowPlanet Trip 1

On the 25th of March we had our Third Club Snowplanet evening of 2022, but night #2 of 2022. We met up in the locker room at 7pm, to be on the snow by 7:15pm. This gave everyone time to gear up and find each other. We hit the snow in small groups, and it was awesome to see everyone having a good time and getting used to the snow again. We had boarders and skiiers of all levels of ability, from beginners to experts. Mid-way we met up in the restaurant for some hot drinks to warm ourselves up after the cold temperatures on the snow slope around –5c! The conversation was flowing easily, and everyone was discussing everything from snowboarding and mountains to university workloads and personal jobs etc. It was nice to catch up with old faces and see some new ones. We also promoted our future snowplanet nights and upcoming winter trips. Members seemed especially keen on the winter trips when they heard we are planning to do 5 this year. After the break, everyone hit the slopes again for our final few runs before saying our goodbyes and tiredly trudging off home after a great evening.

Snow Club SnowPlanet Trip 2

On the 29th of April we had our Club Snow planet night #3 of 2022. We met up in the locker room around 7pm, so as to get ready and be on the snowslope by 7:15pm. This gives everyone some time to meet each other and sort out their gear. We snowboard or ski in small groups as else you waste a lot of valuable time waiting for others at the top of the snowslope. It was great to be on the snow and see everyone having a great time. Snowplanet is great for boarders and skiiers of all levels of ability, from beginners to experts. As usual, just past the half-way mark we met up in the Snow planet restaurant for some conversation and hot drinks. As per normal we had some familiar faces from previous events and some new ones. After the drinks and conversation, we went for our final few runs before heading home.

 Snow Club SnowPlanet Trip 3

On the 20th of May we had our Snow-planet evening #4 of 2022. Members found their own way to Snow-planet and quickly grabbed passes as they arrived to hit the snow as soon as possible. Everyone only met-up at the drinks halfway in the restaurant, introducing themselves to each other and having a good conversation about their shared passion for snow and other common interests. Afterwards, people formed small groups and finished off the night with a few final runs down the snowslope. It was really great to be able to hear what people think of the upcoming winter season and be able to promote our upcoming winter weekend trips to Ruapehu. Quite a few members seemed keen to join us. Everyone thouroughly enjoyed the evening and some said that if it wasn’t for MUASCs Snowplanet evenings they probably wouldn’t spend much time on the snow until winter.

We did manage to get some photos of each night, although it was hard with everyone just wanting to be on the snow. It was an excellent event series and many mentioned they would be keen to keep coming again and again! this is also an excellent way to stay ‘snowfit’ and get ready for the coming winter of 2022 and our trips to Mt Ruapehu.

 Snow Club SnowPlanet Trip 4

On finding we had more funds left than expected for our MUASC Snowplanet nights, we decided to organise an extra one or two evenings to help our members get snow-ready before hitting the slopes this winter.

We had a Snowplanet evening on the 1st of July to practice our skills and introduce members to the snow. It was a super busy evening at Snowplanet (full capacity) so most members spent the whole evening on the snow to get as many runs as they could. We actually didn’t even meet for drinks in the restaurant like we usually do due to this! It was still a great evening with a mix of beginners and more advanced boarders as usual. Everyone seemed keen to get on the snow and practice so that when they go down to Ruapehu this winter they are prepared.

As usual, we are extremely grateful to the ASA and Massey University for their grant which helps make the cost of entry greatly reduced. This really made it easier for members to afford the event and for beginners to try out the sport and meet people! We are very thankful to the committee for approving the grant, and for the ASAs help in getting us there. Our next evening is coming up on July 15th and we are all looking forward to it, hopefully we will be able to continue to receive funding. We are looking forward to high engagement on all our future trips.

Snow Club SnowPlanet Trip 5