AMESS - Engineering Society (2021/R6)

At the beginning of 2022, The AMESS executive team members took part in a one day first aid course with Red Cross in Albany. The purpose of this grant was to give the executive team adequate first aid skills for when we host AMESS event on or off campus, so students can enjoy the event and feel comfortable that the executive team have training if something was to go wrong, health wise. All of the executive team members who went, had a great time and learnt a range of new skills that prepared us well for first aid when we host our events. Each team members also took home a first aid manual, so we will be able to refer back to notes throughout the year.

The course was very informative, and we would recommend the executive team for next year complete a first aid course to give students the reassurance they need, that if they need first aid assistance at one of our events, the leaders will know how to take appropriate action.

There were six executive team members that took part in the First Aid course and we all graduated in the basics of First Aid. 

Post Grant Report AMESS first aid