AMESS - Engineering Society (2022/R1)

Every year our BBQs are a well-received event with the most consistent turnout of students. We plan on running BBQs fortnightly as this is one of most popular events. Our first BBQ was run with the ASA for Clubs Day, where we held a sausage sizzle with our first BBQ Bro, Marshall. As we still had a lot of frozen sausages leftover from Open Day last year, our next BBQ was again another sausage sizzle for our SGM in Week 4.

This year we are adding “BBQ Bros”, where we have students who aren’t a part of the AMESS Exec team to regularly help out the BBQs. It’s usually one or two students per BBQ and this gives the Exec team a break from running events. To thank them with their help, we give them a box of Favourites and a swift high five. 

Post Grant Report AMESS BBQ R1