SALT - Speech & Language Therapists' Club (2022/R2)

On the 18th of May, the SALT club hosted an Arts and Crafts day for our members. Although issues due to COVID-19 have led to multiple postponements of the festivities, we were excited to finally get the chance to share in this moment with our members. Hosting this event gave us the opportunity to hand out the de-stress packs we made to support student wellbeing, these packs being well-received by our members.

The event was a great success, our members really enjoyed having a fun and friendly space to engage in some arts and crafts, a great way to unwind and relax and prepare mentally for the last part of what has shaped up to be a long and arduous semester.

Thank you to the ASA for supporting us and the wellbeing of our students by providing us with the grant that allowed us to host this event!

Post Grant Report SALT arts and craft