MUA Women in Economics & Finance (2022/R3)

Post Grant Report WiEF Pink Ribbon 1

Our Pink Ribbon Brunch was a success. We raised $359.90 from ticket sales which was donated directly to the Breast Cancer Foundation. We had just below 30 ticket sales, which is lower than the original 50 that we had planned for, but we contributed this to COVID-19 affecting the current number of people on campus and the shorter time frame for promotion. Having applied for a special event grant was a huge bonus, as we were able to guarantee that all money raised would be going to the Breast Cancer Foundation, and we wouldn’t have issues around not breaking even. From those that came, we assessed that ticket prices were reasonable, and the reduced numbers came from other factors as mentioned above. The option for extra donations went down well, as many guests used the QR codes on the tables to be able to donate further to the Foundation.

Post Grant Report WiEF Pink Ribbon 2

The food, catered by Dough Boys, was thoroughly enjoyed. The assortment of sweet and savoury pastries, with vegan options for those that requested, was delicious and good value for money. In addition, we felt that we offered a good variety of drinks - both hot and cold - such as coffee, tea, iced teas, juices, water, etc. There was enough diversity in food/drink that everyone was able to find something they liked.

The duration of the event, 1.5 hours, felt sufficient. It was not running too long that people got antsy and not too short that we couldn’t give everyone reasonable time to eat and talk before the quizzes. The quizzes seemed to be well enjoyed and most people got really into them. Having a ‘fun pink’ quiz helped to balance out the more serious breast cancer-themed quiz which provided more insight and education surrounding the issue. Potentially, we could space them out so they aren’t back to back. We awarded prizes (notebook and pen) to the guest best dressed in pink, and the two quiz winners (with one extra in case of a draw, which we ended up having). The prizes were sufficient, we felt they didn’t need to be anything extravagant as the thought was enough.

We had no technical difficulties with the music and felt that the music we chose fit the vibe of our event. We allowed 2 hours of set up time, which we used fully, and pack down was much quicker and took about an hour.

 Post Grant Report WiEF Pink Ribbon 3

We are super fortunate and grateful to the Grant Committee for allowing us to have a special event grant. It contributed significantly to the success of this event and we are really pleased with how well it turned out as it was all our first time trying to put something like this together. 

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