Massey University Albany Malaysian Club (2019/R2)

clubreport 20

First of all, thank you to ASA for the approval of our grant round 2 for our welcome party. We really appreciate the financial support for our event. The welcome party was organized to let the members of the club to know each other and to promote our culture's dishes. The event was successful and it received a lot of support from our club members. Thanks to all of them, the event was fun and interesting. We are really grateful for the supportive members and without them the event would not be successful.

The event started with the introduction of the committee for 2019. The high committees were introduced first and followed by the other exec committees. We had 41 participants for this event and it is a good chance to let the members know the committee for Malaysian Club for 2019. The event continued by inviting the members to had a feast we already prepared. The food prepared are Malaysian cuisines which is very popular in Malaysia which is Nasi Lemak (Coconut rice) served with Sambal (Chilli Sauce). The other side dishes and snack prepared were Mee Hoon Soup, Curry puff and Doughnut. Surprisingly, we got a very nice feedback from our non-Malaysian students. It was an exciting feeling to know other people love our traditional food. We had Japanese, Indonesian, and Arabians who attended the welcome party.

During the events we set up several games to fill in the slot. The first game was "Guess the song". We will show a several line of lyrics from random songs and we will ask the member to guess what song it is and sang the song to get a point. The first person to collect 5 points will be announced a winner. The next game was "Number 7" game. The members were asked to sit in a circle and we will start with one members counted number 1 and the person next to one who start will continued with number 2 and so on. Every members cannot said number 7 or any multiplier for number 7 such as 7,14,17,21, and the list continues. If it was their turn to say the number, instead of said the number 7 and it multiplier they need to clap their hand. The person who said number 7 and it multiplier will be eliminated. The winner was decided by the concept of last man standing. Lastly, we had poisonous box game. The box was filled with instruction and question. Just like truth or dare game. The person who was chosen by fate need to do what the instruction in the box tell them to do.

To conclude our event, we had a prize giving ceremonies and lucky draw give away. Congratulation to the winner and the lucky ones.   

Overall the event was successful. Although there were some weakness in the organizing and preparation, we will take this as a lesson and improve in our next event. Last but not least, thank you to all who contribute to make this event successful. Cheers!