MUAFTS - MUA Food Technology Society (2022/R3)

On Saturday 16th of July 2022 from 3:00 - 5:15 pm, the Massey University Albany Food Technology Society (MUAFTS) held their first brewery tour of the year at the Urbanaut Brewery and Tap Room located in Kingsland. A total of 8 people from our club attended the event. The tour lasted for 2 hours and the students were given an insight on the manufacturing process of beer including the brewing process, ingredients used, a tour of the fermentation tanks as well as the packaging and labeling room which also includes the chiller. The tour guide also explained about the history of beer, the different styles of beer, and the unique characteristics of an Urbanaut craft beer throughout the tour session whilst tasting the samples of beer provided. Additionally, the tour was also combined with other groups of customers in which the students were able to interact and discuss with, aside from just networking within our own group and getting to know each other through sipping beers and some burgers and fries. Overall, the event was a success and allowed especially the food technology students some exposure to the alcoholic beverage industry in NZ.

Post Grant Report Food Tech Brewery Tour R3