MUMSA Muslim Students' Association (2022/R2)

Post Grant Report MUMSA Ramadan R23 1

Ramadhan is the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar and Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to dusk throughout the month. This year the lunar month of Ramadhan started on 1st April and ended on 1st May.

Massey University Muslim Students Association has a standing tradition of inviting the students, their families and the community to break their fast together at the Muslim Prayer Space on campus followed by a group prayer.

This tradition was maintained this year as well and for an entire month, students and their families came to have blessed meals together at the Muslim Prayer Space on the OR campus.

Traditionally people who attend bring a plate, usually snacks, with them and MUMSA organizes the dinner usually supplied from an Indian restaurant in Auckland.

The cost incurred this year by MUMSA was $5780 which was covered by a grant from the ASA and the CSCG committee of $4046 with the balance coming from members' donations. 

The MUMSA and the entire Muslim community in and around Albany are grateful to Massey University CSCG Committee and Albany Students’ Association for their acceptance and support.

Post Grant Report MUMSA Ramadan R23 2