MUAFTS - MUA Food Technology Society (2022/R4)

During the mid-semester break for semester 2, three of the MUAFTS committee members registered for a First Aid Course for the first time or renewed it. It was a full-day course hosted by the Red Cross in Rosedale. One of the committee members did not feel well on the day so rescheduled their course for another better day. We would like to thank the CSCG committee for approving our grant application which has allowed us to access first aid training and allowing us to learn these important life-saving skills. This allows us to host safe events for the MUAFTS members on or off campus so that the members can feel safe and have fun.

The feedback from the 2 committee members was that they had a great time learning these new skills and the course was very informative and they are happy to have pass the Essential First Aid Level 2 course from the Red Cross.

Post Grant Report Food Tech first aid R4