AMESS - Engineering Society (2022/R5)

In this study snack grant we included energy drinks for our students who are in the final crunch of their year. These have been an absolute hit with all students, so much so that we have reached out to Frucor to get a sponsorship. We topped up all the usual study snacks which students have devoured and are very grateful for. We plan on continuing this grant into the future thanks to the feedback we have gotten from our members.

The aim of this grant was to provide free food for students during the semester. Students are often stressed by looming exams and assignments and we find this often leads to a lack of consideration for what food will be eaten throughout the day. This means when students don't have food they often have to buy expensive takeaway food or not eat until sometime quite late in the evening when they get home. We know working on an empty stomach is never fun and hence, wanted to provide an easy healthy option to help get students through the day. The study snacks grant has allowed us to purchase a range of easy to prepare foods, muesli bars and fresh fruit to help students work to the best of their abilities without food at the forefront of their minds.

The food being provided by AMESS has been super popular and enjoyed by all students.

Post Grant Report AMESS study snacks 1

Post Grant Report AMESS study snacks 2