AMESS - Engineering Society (2022/R4)

Post Grant Report AMESS Kiwi Pong 1

This grant was to host the repeat our Kiwi Pong event held last year, due to the closing of The Ferguson however this was hosted at Mama Loco in the Albany Mall. This event was a 16 team bracket event, the teams were a perfectly suited number for the venue size. The event was a major success with a full turn out of teams as stated as well as a few spectators. The event tickets included a free drink token from the bar which was a huge success, however there was an incident with an individual who had stolen from our supply, this was quickly resolved and the student was reprimanded. The Mama Loco team was extremely welcoming and generously donated a $50 voucher to our prize pool.

Post Grant Report AMESS Kiwi Pong 2

Post Grant Report AMESS Kiwi Pong 3