MUAFTS - MUA Food Technology Society (2019/R4)

On the day of Wednesday 29th of May, AMESS and MUAFTS hosted the bake-off in a food-tech/engineer collaboration. The culinary skills of engineers and food techs alike were put to the test! Egos were on the line as students presented their culinary delights to be judged by their peers for best dressed, best tasting, and The Participation Award (the "You Tried Award"). At 12 pm, 11 teams arrived to participate in the competition. The judges, a.k.a the student cohort of Food Technology and Engineering, ogled the sugary goodness displayed on the table. After a brief explanation by Ryan and Tania about the events of the day, over 40 students and few lecturers let go of their self-control and made an attempt at getting Type 2 diabetes. Once all the sugar was ingested, and we all felt a little chunkier, it was time to cast the votes. Votes were tallied, and the food techs are to say that we won in the Best Tasting and Best Dressed categories. The engineers took away The Participation Award. Awards for Best Tasting and Best Dressed were the Chelsea Sugar Cafe vouchers, and the The participation award was an Edmond's Sure to Rise Cake Book (to give 'em a bit of help ;) ) We all had a blast and all the students had an opportunity to wind down and socialize before the study period begins. 

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