MUACAC - Creative Arts Club (2019/R2)

clubreport 28

Bob Ross event

We had lots of fun at the bob ross event in March of 2019.

Bob Ross is a bit of enigma and there is not a lot that is known about him except for the fact that he has a son named Steve, fosters squirrels and was once a Sergeant Major yes the kind of person who would scream at you and call you a "maggot"

What is known about him, however, is that he rose to fan after his death and became a YouTube sensation/Meme overlord. The Creative Arts Club strives to put on events that inspire others.

We had 19 people come and this turn out, as it was unexpected, made me so happy, I decided to sit out so that someone could run around helping, due to the sheer numbers, and this was a very good idea. We had people become frustrated, stressed and downright upset, because they felt as though their painting didn't closely match Bob's and was therefore, not good enough. But that wasn't the point. Bob wanted to teach people the Joy of painting by showing them tools and tricks that would make it easier so they could, as he says: "have fun with it." I must say, I didn't expect this, but, channelling Bob, we reassured them that if their painting looked anywhere near a professional painters' that would be a miracle. Saying to them "in your world, there's a tree right there, and dark clouds, and that's okay it's your world, not his." Surprisingly, this made them feel proud of themselves and at ease. We also invited people to get up and say something they liked about their painting to continue to lighten the mood. I feel this resonates with self-love, sometimes when you're stressed and upset it can be hard to look at yourself and find something you like, but it's important to not stop trying.

The event was a success. We are proud to have facilitated an event that had the unprecedented by-product of helping students to understand that not everything has to be perfect right here right now, sometimes you have to focus on the positives to truly understand what you excel at.

Ka kite an au i a koutou.

Poetry Slam

Our Poetry Slam event in April was a massive success. This event was very different for us, and I must admit, a very admin-heavy one for us, but all in all, a great time. It is usually an American-styled event (for example with finger clicking instead of clapping) and it isn't all that popular in NZ yet. So, we decided to take our own spin on it by making it an Open- Mic night as well.

We offered affordable prices with nibbles catered, and an open bar all included in the ticket price: $5 students, $10 non-students. We had 6 amazing performers, with three encores (thanks to Tim and Karen). There was 30 people in attendance and plenty of laughs. One of our performers surprised us by tagging us in an Instagram post, needless to say, we contacted him immediately and with less than a weeks-notice, he came (Thanks Barath Kumar). He was incredible, a free-style dancer, I still have his remixed track in my mind. We had Tim Northover, a singer songwriter come and perform some of our favourite covers with his mighty acoustic lungs and snazzy guitar. If luck would have it this included Billy Joel's Piano Man. I cannot believe these two students were able to come along with unrehearsed talent and wow us like that, in awe.

Poets included; Karen Day, Ash King, Reuelle Gryll Relampagos, and our own president Siobhan Bond. All of these talented performers utilized such strong imagery that humbled and inspired us and our audience of 25 or so.

All in all, we had an amazing night with no ambulances, or fire trucks so, I'd consider that a win. We also had some amazing help from Meity Tang with Sidharth Augustine being our generous Bartender. I can't express how much your help meant to us. Thank you.