MUMSA Muslim Students' Association (2019/R3)

This last month, we had our holy month of Ramadan. We fasted for 30 days from sunrise until sunset and tried our best to seek out the blessings of this month while juggling university. Ramadan is the month of the holy Quran, reflection, giving, discipline, family and community. It can be very difficult to be away from family during such a blessed time of the year however, when you have a strong community, the spirit of Ramadan can still be felt deeply. Like most recent years, MUMSA hosted daily iftars (breakfasts) every evening of Ramadan. MUMSA members and some community members came everyday and broke their fasts together. This year we had a very beautiful Ramadan and many of our members got to know one another better. We broke our fasts together, prayed together, laughed together and cleaned up and set up everyday together.

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The grant given for Ramadan covered only the first 9 days. MUMSA covered 3 days and the rest of the days were covered by mostly Arab, Bangladeshi, Malaysian and Pakistani families and students. Iftar (breaking the fast ) For approximately 75 people each day cost  $550 per day which include main course, drinks, fruits, dates and cutlery. Some community members would additionally bring small plates of homemade dishes to share.

The highest attendees was in the first week of Ramadan with approximately 85 people each day . After that the number decreased to about 75 people per day for the rest of Ramdan.

Other aspects MUMSA arranged during/after Ramadan:

  • 1- Extending the women's prayer space
  • 2- Taraweeh (special Ramadan night prayers)
  • 3- Tahajud (special Ramadan prayers often organized at mosques during the final 10 days of Ramadan)
  • 4- A kahoot event in the round room during Ramdan
  • 5- A lucky draw each Saturday of Ramdan for our members
  • 6- A farewell for our Ex-president and distributed appreciation certificates for all the volunteers who helped us during Ramadan
  • 7- A small Eid gathering post-Ramadan for sisters

Special thanks: We would like to specially thank Kayleigh Wheeler, Rosetina Crockett and Jacqueline Adams for helping us with everything before during and after Ramadan. We would also appreciate and regards the support from committee members who took their time and consider our Grant request.