MUAFTS - MUA Food Technology Society (2019/R4)

On Saturday 22 June several members of MUAFTS were given a tour of the Urbanaut Brewery as an event to celebrate the end of Semester 1 and the end of exams. Our great tour guide, Mookie, gave us a detailed explanation on how beer is brewed at Urbanaut and the intriguing history behind the founding of the business. After the hour-long tour, the club indulged themselves in some pizza and vented about their exams to each other. It was a very educational experience as food technology students to be able to have an experienced brewer to tell us about the brewing process, as well as answer any scientific questions we may have about the process. We were also able to visualize in person the equipment that lecturers are always mentioning in class. The club is definitely interested in returning with members who weren't able to attend the tour for another event. Thank you to the grant committee who enabled this event to become reality.